Thursday, May 1, 2008

Advantages of SMOKING:

1) You will not live long.. This world anyway SUCKS..

2) Peoples around you do not like passive smoking, so it’s a good way to scare away peoples you hate

3) Smokers are always under controversy (eg. Shahrukh Khan vs. Ramadoss). So it is also a good way to get free publicity.

4) Restaurants provide you ash trays as additional benefit (and they charge you for that in taxes), so why not make full use of all the benefits

5) There are data suggesting it helps to perform the morning ritual (at toilet, some peoples can’t do without it)

6) You end up carrying a source of fire. If you get lost in a isolated island, you don’t have to eat anything raw

7) Specially for kids, smoking makes you look mature J

8) Tobacco industry employs hell lot of people. So you are indirectly supporting them

9) It can make your career. It helps you keep awake during your last minute overnight exams preparations. After all you have to work hard for building a career

10) It gives something for you to pass your time if you are alone

11) It can scare away mosquitoes if you do not have repellants

12) Add your own comments……

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