Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 days --- 30 photographs

I recently came across a video on TED where Matt Cutts ( an engineer from Google talked about his life changing experience by experimenting with a 30 day challenge of trying something new.

It struck me instantaneously and I also thought of trying something similar myself. I thought starting with a 30 day photography quest will be a nice way to experiment with this idea. So come 9th January 2014, and I started my 30 day photography marathon J

Day 1 (9th January 2014)
This year has been one of the coldest winters for Bangalore. I wake up every day in the morning and look out through the balcony to judge how the day is going to be. This picture captures the view from the balcony overlooking the bamboo wind chime towards the new apartment building through a foggy outdoor.

Day 2 (10th January 2014)
The neighborhood where I stay is newly developed. So there are quite a few construction projects happening around the area. A crane in one of the site is a "major attraction" for my 1.5 year old son, who is super excited to see the crane moving around while performing its job. Here is a view of the crane that can keep my son occupied for a quite long time.

Day 3 (11th January 2014)
My mom loves gardening, especially flowers. So I had picked up some bit of that passion. I have tried to maintain a small garden of flowers that will enable me to practice my passion. This picture is of petunia flowers that are blooming at my balcony.

Day 4 (12th January 2014)
Visited the "Madiwala Market" today to get some stuffs for home. This picture captures a snapshot of how the market would look to a passerby.

Day 5 (13th January 2014)
This is a picture of my son Yash playing with his toy car. This is one of his favorite truck gifted to him by my brother/bhabi.

Day 6 (14th January 2014)
Today is Bhugali Bihu ( and we along with our friends set up a Mezi to be lightened in the morning. This picture captures my son Yash with his friend Aadarsh in front of the "mini mezi" that was created. Don't they look like some gang of street fighters :)

Day 7 (15th January 2014)
Surprise was awaiting me today morning. As I went to my terrace I saw a kite (bird) sitting at the top of my water tank. I wanted to seize the opportunity for an awesome capture and rushed down to grab my camera. By the time I was back, the kite had opened up its wings. This picture was taken of a flying kite.

Day 8 (16th January 2014)
Though my neighborhood mostly comprises of individual houses, it have a fair presence of high rise apartment buildings. This picture shows the view of few high rise buildings as seen from my terrace.

Day 9 (17th January 2014)
It was spotted by my son two days back. Since then the butterfly has been a regular visitor to our balcony. This picture is taken when the butterfly was resting on one of the petunia plant.

Day 10 (18th January 2014)
Unfortunately I do not use public transport in Bangalore. I either travel by my car, or take my bike. Today I had to take the bus to collect my car after servicing. I enjoyed taking the bus after a long time (may be because I had a place to sit due to weekend J)

Day 11 (19th January 2014)
Our son Yash keeps exploring different places where he can get cozy and enjoy his tasks. This picture shows him in his new discovery, a bucket.  He is seen playing a game of car race in my mobile phone.

Day 12 (20th January 2014)
It’s an animal world. These are some of the toy animals of Yash, out of a bunch he has. He can identify all of them shown here and even name a few. While watching TV (NatGeo etc.), he loves to pick up the one he sees on screen.

Day 13 (21st January 2014)
Honestly, this is not what I normally do – sit back to enjoy a sunset in Bangalore. But I wanted to have it in my list of 30 photographs. So here comes a beautiful view of the sunset from my terrace (including a bird flying back home J).

Day 14 (22nd January 2014)
This geranium plant was nearly dying and with God’s grace somehow revived itself. Good to see it finally blooming with its beautiful bright red flowers.

Day 15 (23rd January 2014)
This is the same crane from day 2. The picture shows the crane still working hard late through night. The crane also got a partner J.

Day 16 (24th January 2014)
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Bangalore campus is just beside our layout. This picture is a night view of the college hostel in a long exposure image with few vehicles passing by through the layout.

Day 17 (25th January 2014)
The construction workers of a nearby apartment building are being settled near my house. This picture shows the female members of the migrant workers waking up early in the morning and preparing meal for their family.

Day 18 (26th January 2014)
Celebrating the republic day with this selective color picture of a beautiful yellow rose blooming in a bright sunny day.

Day 19 (27th January 2014)
“Better late than never”. The packet of homemade special Bihu sweets finally arrived. Seen here are the Bihu sweets (Pitha: beside a traditional Assamese headgear (Jaapi:

Day 20 (28th January 2014)
“Play of Light and Shade”. This picture shows the magnified shadow of the staircase railing projected on the walls by the night lamp.

Day 21 (29th January 2014)
Night view of the storage space of a construction site near my house. The marble slabs block almost half the approach road (seen in picture) to my house. The ghostly figure is a person inspecting the site.

Day 22 (30th January 2014)
“Being Spiderman”. Can this spider bite convert me into powerful Spiderman?
“With great power comes great responsibility” J.

Day 23 (31st January 2014)
While my better half takes care of all the important stuff, I attempt to provide a helping hand to her by doing this – watering the plants J.

Day 24 (1st February 2014)
It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the sky is shining bright. There are some moments when the sun plays hide-and-seek behind the clouds. This photograph is one of those moments!

Day 25 (2nd February 2014)
Kaikondrahalli Lake is a great story of lake conservation in Bangalore. This lake was revived through active efforts by responsible citizens. Here is a picture of a beautiful sunset as seen beside the lake.

Day 26 (3rd February 2014)
This is one of the lights purchased during this year’s Diwali. It is still hanging on our balcony and makes for a warm ambiance at times.

Day 27 (4th February 2014)
Look who came visiting today – a baby “Praying Mantis”. It is praying to grow up as a strong and successful predator.

Day 28 (5th February 2014)
"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton.
Lighted a candle today to feel both the darkness and the light at the same time.

Day 29 (6th February 2014)
There are times when our son is deep in sleep by the time I leave for office, and we have to wait until the evening to bully each other when I am back from office. Lovely picture of our son deep in sleep and thanking my better half for helping me schedule my time.

Day 30 (7th February 2014)
30/30 – It’s all done and time to harvest, “Quite literally actually J”.
Picture of today’s morning harvest of home grown tomatoes…